Brivity will auto-assign leads to the correct agent on your team if your file has a column titled “Primary Agent” with the agent’s name in each row associated with each contact.

Primary Agent Assigned Field

Here’s the limitations:

  • The agent must be a user in Brivity.

  • The agent’s full name must be listed in the file column exactly as it’s spelled in Brivity. For example, if the agent’s name in Brivity is Alex Hatch, and your file is trying to assign contacts to Alexander Hatch, Brivity won’t be able to find and make that assignment. Find all your user names by going to your user list. Click on your name and select Account to view your user list.

  • Any contacts where the agent is not in the import file, or agent is not a user in the Brivity account, or if the agent name is not spelled correctly, those contacts will assign to the user uploading the import file.

The last stipulation is that only one agent can be the Primary Agent on any contact. Brivity can only import and assign contacts to the one Primary Agent. However, multiple agents can have access to contacts without having access to all contacts. Let’s go over how to do that.

Let’s take an example of importing a file with a Buyers Agent column and a Listing Agent column- which is common for Boomtown files. Choose which column is going to be the Primary Agent in Brivity. In most cases, the Buyer column is more flush with agent names, and the listing Agent column is less likely to be full. We’ll go the easy route and rename the Buyers Agent column to be the Primary Agent column, but you still want the Listing Agent to have access as well.

Make the Header for the Listing Agent column “Add to Tags”. Then when the file is imported, you can filter contacts with the tag of “Alex Hatch” and assign him access to those contacts as well. (see the video on Organizing your Brivity CRM to do this).

There's one more step in Brivity. Tagging contacts with agent names will not automatically give those agents access. Please watch the video on "Organizing Your CRM" to see how to organize your account. Or for a faster view on just giving agents access.

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