Add Tags

If people in your import file are identified by a “bucket list” name or what we call tags, you’ll be able to also have those tagged in Brivity to help you filter to that list of contacts. Multiple columns can be tags. Name one column “Tags” but name any additional columns “Add to Tags”. Multiple tags in the same field need to be separated by a comma.

Common Tag Issues

Many files will have something other than a comma separating the tags. Boomtown files separate tags with a vertical line. If the separator is anything other than a comma, you’ll need to replace it. To do this, select the entire column of tags, and move to Edit in your navigation bar. Drop down to “Find and Replace”.

In the “Find” field, add in the separator. If it’s the vertical line, it’s just above your Enter/Return button- use the shift key to access it. In the “Replace” field, add a comma. Click Replace all - and it’s done!

Adding tags

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