Brivity allows you to send third-party lead sources to Brivity. This is done by Email Parsing, API keys, and Zapier. Use email parsing to automatically receive leads from third-party lead sources like and others that support Meta Data in their emails.

Step 1: First, you'll need your Brivity Lead Capture Email. Click on your name in the upper right of Brivity and go to Account, then click on Lead Parsing.

*All of these emails will capture leads from lead notification emails. Copy the email for the user you want to send leads to or use the account email for lead distribution.


Step 2: Log in to any Lead Source and find where you can add an email address for receiving lead notifications. Paste in the Brivity Lead Capture Email Address.

Test it out

The test lead sent from will come from the email address You can locate this lead in your CRM and verify in the timeline that the set up was successful.

Once you have changed your email address to your unique Brivity email address, you can test it out by going to, finding your profile and submitting an inquiry. You should see your new lead in your Brivity CRM.

If leads don't populate to your Brivity CRM correctly, you should see "New Lead Information Received" on your own Brivity Profile Timeline with the correct lead information that you can copy and use to manually create a lead.

Known sources that connect to Brivity with email: - Buyers - Sellers - Rental


Dave Ramsey ELP

Brivity Leads

Dakno Marketing


REMAX- National Website

REMAX- National Website from SPAW

Local Buyer Connect

Prime Seller Leads

Automabots Listings-to-Leads

Local Connect CMA


Agent Locator

Lead Network





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