Choosing the Correct User Type or Permission Levels

"User Type" refers to a User's permission level from within your Brivity account. You can see everyone's User Type from the Account > Users page.

Agents have access limited to what is independently shared with them.
This means that someone with the User Type of Agent can only see Transactions that they have been added to, Contacts who they have been granted access to, and Tasks that are assigned to them. In addition, if an Agent transfers a contact to someone else, they lose all access to that contact. They cannot see Email Templates that other agents created; only Email Templates that they created or that the Administrator created (and they cannot edit a template created by an Administrator) can be viewed by Agents. Agents can only post Listings they have access to from our Marketing page.

Administrators have access to everything but the Business and Integrations tabs of the pages.
They can create, edit and see every Transaction and Person in the account. They can see all tasks, including those that other users are responsible for. They can see and edit all Email Templates, even if they did not create them. Administrators can post all Listings from the social media Marketing page. If an Admin is changed to an Agent user, they lose access to all contacts they previously had Admin access to (so they would only see contacts for which they were Primary Agent or had been granted specific access to).

The Account Owner has access to everything, has and the ability to transfer ownership to another user.
To put it shortly, there isn't anything an Account Owner can't see or do. This should be the person who makes financial decisions about the products you use (because that will be the person we remind if your card is about to expire). Account Owners see all Transactions, all People, and all Tasks and can edit anything and everything. There can only be ONE Account Owner per account.


Agent reassigns contact to another user:
-They lose access to that contact

Administrator reassigns contact to another user:

-They still have access to that contact

Administrator is downgraded to Agent user type:
-They lose Admin access to all contacts for which they are not
 Primary Agent or have explicit access granted

Agent is upgraded to Administrator user type:

-They will have access to all contacts in Brivity CRM

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