Make and track calls directly from your CRM using your Brivity number for easier conversions and accurate reporting.

There are 3 ways to make calls in the Brivity CRM:

  1. From a contact record.

  2. From your Lead or People index.

  3. With the Brivity Dialer.

Calling from a Contact Record

1. Navigate to a Contact Record

From within your CRM, navigate to the contact details page of the contact you'd like to call.

2. Click on 'Call'

In the Interactions section of the contact record, click on the 'Call' tab.

Step 2 screenshot

3. Select Number and Start Call

If the contact has more than one phone number listed, click on the dropdown menu to select the number you'd like to dial. Click on the blue phone icon to begin your call session.

4. Answer Your Phone to Connect to the Call

The system will first ring your Brivity Routing Number (likely your mobile phone number) to connect you to the call. Answer your phone, and you will then be connected to the contact.

Step 5 screenshot

5. End Your Call

When you've completed your call, click on the coral 'End Call' button.

Step 6 screenshot

6. Record a Call Outcome

Choose an outcome and add notes.

Step 7 screenshot

7. Click 'Save & Log Call'

When completed, click on 'Save & Log Call' to record the interaction.

Step 8 screenshot

Calling FAQ

What number does my contact see when I call/text?

If you call your contacts through Brivity, they will see your Brivity number. Brivity can't control or track your actual phone line that is provided through your phone's service provider. That's why it's important to set up a number so that we can make, track, and control calls for your team's reporting.

If someone calls my Brivity number, what happens?

It instantly rings your normal phone! Consider your Brivity number to just be your direct office line that forwards to your actual phone.

What if my Brivity number is coming up as 'spam'?

Phone service providers are cracking down on Spammers, but this crackdown can also affect new or previously unknown numbers like your Brivity number. Here are some ideas to help prevent your number from being flagged as possible spam.

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