Smart Filters help you see past your forest of contacts to see the fruit trees that will feed your hungry databank!

To help simplify working your database with intention, we've added 12 default Smart Filters to every Brivity platform account! They are currently the first 12 Smart Filters in your CRM, any added by your team will by in alphabetical order.

They are:

  1. Buyers with email and no Listing Alert

  2. Has Market Report, no task, no outreach in 30 days

  3. Hot leads (expect to buy or sell in 3 months)

  4. LAST 30 DAYS: site visit last 30 days, no task/no contact by in the last 30 days

  5. No Auto Plan

  6. No Market Report: contacts with email and address

  7. Overdue tasks

  8. Partial leads

  9. Past clients, no task, no outreach for 30 days

  10. THIS WEEK: site visit this week with no task and no contact by agent

  11. TODAY: site visit today with no task and no contact by agent

  12. Watch/Nurture, no task, no contact for 30 days

We have added the actions and scripts to take with each of these lists of contacts here for you to use.

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