Upon initial login, you'll be prompted to enter or verify all of your profile information. Your profile information will be displayed on the back of your postcards.

*Note: If editing information in the Brivity CRM, you can force-update the profile fields by going to Settings in Brivity Marketer and clicking Sync Now at the bottom of the page.

Personal Profile

Name/Email/Phone Number: This information will pull dynamically from your Brivity CRM

DRE Number: Enter your DRE number in required states

Personal Notification Email: Notifications about newly generated Campaigns will be sent here so that the Agent can be notified that new Campaigns are ready for approval. If you, as an Agent, want your campaign notification emails to go to your specific email address, put that email into the Personal Notification Email field (if different, notifications will only go to the Personal email address and NOT the Business email address)

Headshot: This photo will be displayed next to your contact information

Personal Website: A great spot for your Brivity Agent Website

Business Profile

Team Name/Brokerage Name/Address: This information will pull dynamically from your Brivity CRM

Business Notification Email: If team members don’t want to maintain their own Brivity Marketer accounts, a single team member can manage all of their accounts and get notified about newly generated Campaigns through this email. By default, all campaign notification emails will go to the Business Notification Email (campaign emails will NOT be sent to this email if the Personal Notification email (above) is different from this email)

Business Website: Add your Brivity IDX site here

Team Logo and Brokerage Logo: Your logos will be displayed side-by-side next to the recipient address


MLS Information: This is the source of all generated Campaigns. Add your MLS and Agent ID to sync your new listing and sold listing data with Brivity Marketer.

Ensure this information is 100% accurate because it determines what campaigns are created for your account! For more information, click here.

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