Team Customization: This allows you to set the default template customization options for your whole team. Changes made here will not overwrite existing personal customization settings.

Personal Customization: If your agents want their postcards to look unique, they can! Edit personal customization settings to edit agent-specific campaigns.

Customization Options

Template Theme: Choose from one of three design templates for your postcards

Brand Color: Set the brand color that you want to be used for the overall color scheme

Default Agent: Choose which agent you want to be showcased on your postcards by default

Number of Postcards: Set the minimum postcards to be sent, as well as the maximum you would ever want to be mailed. The default number allows you to choose your preferred postcard count

Headline: Make it catchy! This will be the main headline used

Call to Action URL: Most likely your Brivity IDX website link

Shortened URL: This URL will be unique on every postcard! It will allow for each URL to be tracked providing you insight on the return you are getting on your mailing campaigns, as well as the address of the lead who visited the URL

KWKLY Option: If you're a Brivity Platform customer and you use KWKLY, incorporate that on your postcards for a quick inquiry and lead capture option!

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