Change Password
Initiate the process to change your Brivity Marketer password here. An email will be sent with instructions to change your password. After changing the password, logout and log back in with the new password.

Invite Users
New invites can be sent by Admins to other Agents that haven’t gone through Brivity Marketer Onboarding

Select the users that you would like to send an invite to and click Send at the bottom.

Invite Status
Profile Completed - User has logged in and completed the onboarding
Email Verified - User has clicked on the invite
Pending Invitation - User has been sent the email, but they haven’t clicked on it yet

Brivity CRM Sync
Automatic sync happens between Brivity Marketer and the CRM every 24 hours. But the Sync Now

button allows Admins to force-sync profile and team information immediately.
Synced Information includes:
-Team members and their information (name, email, phone number)
-Office information (team name, brokerage name, office phone number, address, city, state, zip code)

*Note: Syncing helps with CRM profile information only. Syncing does not resolve missing properties or campaigns in the Dashboard.

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