Brivity Marketer is a fast 1-stop-shop for most all your marketing needs. Bonus is that it connects to your MLS to auto-populate listing information into fliers, postcards, door hangers, and Facebook/Instagram ads.

There are 2 ways to login to your Brivity Marketer account. See the below steps to login for the first time.

1. Login From the Brivity App Store

In your Brivity CRM, find and click on the App Store on the left of your account.

Hover over Brivity Marketer and to see LAUNCH, then click LAUNCH.

2. Login from the Marketing Tab

Hover on the left side-wall of your CRM to see Navigation options. Select Marketing, then Marketer.

Either way you open your Brivity Marketer account for the first time, you may see some set-up steps that require your MLS ID and MLS Office number.

Having problems? Contact our team at You cannot use Brivity Marketer if your website is not launched yet.

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