View the current version of your postcard and edit or preview your campaigns prior to sending in Campaign Details.

The campaign for each property will be automatically updated with the latest information when you visit Campaign Details.

This includes:
-IDX information such as pricing, address, beds and baths
-Any modification to the agents and their information (name, phone number etc.)
-Logos and business information

Recipients: You can change the number of people you want to send the campaign to by clicking Change next to the Recipients number. Changing this number will automatically update the cost of the campaign and update the map that shows where postcards will be delivered.

Edit: By clicking Edit, you can change the theme, colors, and other postcard details for the individual campaign. If you decide to edit the campaign, it will then be considered “locked”.

Revert & Unlock: After editing, if you click Revert & Unlock, it will remove all changes that have been made in the Edit mode and make it so that the campaign can receive external updates again.

Approve & Send: Check that your postcard is complete and correct and send it out!
Approving at this stage initiates the charge for the campaign.
*Note: After approving a campaign you have 24 hours to stop sending the campaign at no charge. The Stop Sending button will appear in the Campaign Details of a Sent Campaign shortly after approval. Beyond 24 hours, the campaign is considered live and will be sent as approved.

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