You spent time and money to set up a Facebook Ad campaign only to find out later it was rejected. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't give direct feedback for Ad Campaign rejections.Also, things change frequently. Sometimes an ad that ran last week is one that could get rejected today as Facebook standards and policies change.

Here's some common reasons for Facebook Ad rejection:

  1. Improper grammar- This is just good on all levels of professionalism for you, but Facebook really does it so that your ad doesn't make them look bad. We suggest you give Grammarly a shot if you're not great with spelling and grammar.

  2. Capitalizing every word- NO ONE LIKES TO BE SCREAMED AT BY SALESMEN/WOMEN or Even When You Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word. Facebook actually looks at this practice as giving the ad an unfair advantage and will likely reject it.

  3. Profanity, sexual, or degrading words- Be careful of your words. While I don't think you're using "the F word" in your ad campaigns, some words of yester-year may be considered "degrading" and be the reason for your ad rejection. Real estate terms like "Master Bedroom" may be one of them. Facebook seems to be adding terms like this to the rejection list.

  4. Incomplete sentences- Don't leave folks hanging on to the end of a...

  5. Substituting numbers and symbols for words- Say what you mean and be clear! Don't use numbers or symbols to say "2day" when you meant "today". But your favorite 🤩 emojis 😄 are perfectly acceptable! 👏🏼

  6. Irrelevant images- Campaign images should be a similar reflection of the ad you've created. Don't create an ad for an Arizona property. but have an image of the ocean. That's a little dramatic, but you get the idea ;).

  7. Image to text ratio- Facebook wants your ads to perform well so you spend more money! They found that images with less than 20% text-to-image perform better. If your text on images is large, your ad campaign may be rejected.

  8. Tiny urls or forwarded urls- (masking the landing page url)- Many people like to use tiny urls or forward links that lead to other domains. Tiny URLs can seem possibly deceptive to Facebook, and your ad may be rejected as a result.

  9. Deceptive or seemingly deceptive offers/text- If you offer for someone to get a discount, or an event, or a home valuation, then be sure the page they land on reflects the same content or calls to action or information they were told they would receive.

  10. Pop-ups on the landing page (or even forced registration pop-ups). If you're directing people to your website and a pop-up occurs, Facebook will reject your ad. It can appear deceptive to have people go to one page, but then get a pop-up for something else. For this reason, it's best to use Brivity Marketer to make your ads (vs building ads directly in Facebook). If you use Brivity Marketer, Brivity will automatically have them logged into your website when they click through the Facebook Lead Ad form- so there will not be a forced registration pop-up.

  11. Political Statements- You thought it was a good idea to share that the property backs up to the BLM property line (Bureau of Land Management). However, "BLM" also means something political. Be careful your post doesn't have any political words, statements, or acronyms.

  12. Special Ad Category- Facebook requires that all real estate ads are classified under the "Special Ad Category" to help enforce their policies against discriminatory practices in advertising and prevent discrimination based on demographic characteristics, such as age and gender. It's a selection when making an ad directly in Facebook. If you are using Brivity Marketer to run your ad campaigns, it's not offered as a selection because all our ads are part of this category for real estate ads, so we don't allow a choice. It's already selected in our add tool back-end.

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