This profile would be different than your Brivity CRM, since CMA's are normally targeting sellers. You may want your profile to include your success stats as a listing agent or team.

Step 1: You can access your profile by clicking your name in the top right of the screen and selecting Profile.

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Step 2: In the profile area, you have the opportunity to edit all of your team and personal contact information, including:

- Agent Photo
- Agent Name
- Company Name
- Team Name
- Cell Phone
- Office Phone
- Email
- Website
- Address
- License Number
- Agent Bio

Step 3: You can also choose a theme color and upload your company logo!

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Step 4: Don't forget to hit the Save button! Your Brivity CMAs and Market Reports will now include all of your team and agent information.

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It is highly advised that you also change your password from the default password.

Step 5: Click on your name in the upper right, and select Settings. There you can change your password.

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Using the CMA tool from Brivity CRM

Step 6: Once you're logged into Brivity CMA in this browser, you should stay logged into that account. Moving forward, you'll build CMA reports from each contact record.

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