There are listings in every MLS that stop sharing through the MLS feed. Therefore, to Brivity, these listings just appear to "fall off the market" from Brivity's perspective.

Here are the main reasons properties go "off market."

  1. Withdrawn Listings

  2. Expired Listings

But some MLS's also do not send Brivity pending or sold data. In that case, those listings also "fall off the market" from Brivity's perspective. So we keep all the data on those listings, and provide you with them in the Off Market section of your Brivity CMA account. Then you can easily find then, mark their status as Withdrawn, Expired, Pending, or Sold, and add them to your Brivity CMA reports.

How to use Off Market data in your CMA reports:

Step 1: Go to the Off Mkt section of your CMA and find a property. Click Edit.


Step 2: Add the Property Status, and optional pricing (if different), and date (if different).


Step 3: The listing has been moved to the correct section of the CMA tool. Click the [+] to add it your CMA report.


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