Brivity's Market Reports share valuable 30 day trends of area and neighborhoods - making you look like the area expert. Share reports on any area using lead capture pages!

It's simple to create a lead capture page for area Market Reports. It's actually done for you every time you create a Market Report! The trick is knowing where to find your page link. For this example, we're going to start at the beginning by creating a generic report, then find the Share link options.

Step1: Open and login to your account.

If you forgot your password, you can click this link to reset it.

Step 2. Click New in the upper-left -> then New Market Report


Step 3: Create a new Market Report that isn't for any specific person.

Instead of adding person's name to the Report Name, consider adding a name for the area of the report.


Step 4: Add the criteria for your report. Hit Next when you're done.

We've added some general suggestions below for making market reports.


Step 5: Exit the next page (Exit button is in the upper left).

* Note, that it's always a good idea to Preview your report before using it.


Step 6: Back on the CMA Dashboard, click to 'View all' on the Market Reports.


Step 7: Your newest Report will be at the top of the list. Click the [...] under Actions and choose Share.


Step 8: You can copy a link to the report from here.

Your options are a 1. Forced registration link or 2. an Unrestricted access link.


The forced registration link require people to add their name and email address before being able to view the report.

Here's what the Forced registration page link looks like:

See it for yourself here and even test it, if you like! When people fill out this form, a lead will be created in your Brivity CRM.


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