Set Up Market Reports

Brivity's Market Reports allow you to send the last 30 stats and trends of home values to your Leads, Past Clients, Sphere, and Sellers. You can become the trusted market expert when properties go active, pending, or sold with automated Market Reports!

If you don't see Step 3, check with our support team at to see if you have the Brivity CMA tool enabled for your account. Lite Platform accounts do not come with the CMA tool, but can be added.

Step 1: Open any contact record and find Market Reports on the right side of the contact record and click to MANAGE REPORTS

Step 2: Select + New Market Report

Step 3: A new window will open with the contact's name at the top. If you see a pop-up, it's letting you know you will have to have Location Services on to create the report, and there should be a map visible on the page.

*If you don't see a map visible like below, see if there's a red error [x] at the right in your URL (showing a pop-up was blocked), click it to allow location services.

Step 4: Choose an area of Market Report coverage. There are 3 ways you can find areas to set up your reports around.

1. Search By Radius - By Address

With the radio button above the address set on Search By Radius, add the contact's home address or area, or town. The system will send a market Report in a Radius around the address/area.

2. Search By Area-

If you change the radio button to Search by area, you can type in a neighborhood, city, or even school district, and it will draw out the exact lines of that area.

3. By Map Drawing-

Keeping the radio button on Search by area - Draw an area-with the Radio button in the map, click on the word DRAW in the upper right of the map. You will be able to click-click-click to make your polygon share to draw a specific area. This drawing tool works well with any mouse or trackpad.

Your map should look like the below map, and you can move the white bubbles to reshape.

Step 5: Once your area is set, at the bottom you'll see the number of listings Brivity has found in the area. It's a good practice to have at least 15 listings in your reports.

We'd suggest not limiting the criteria too much. Remember- It's a report on what's happening in the market, not a CMA, so don't go crazy with the settings. We recommend that you leave all other settings open on the report.

Step 6: Hit Next when you're done to be able to preview the report or send it.

Step 7: Before sending your report, you can hit the Preview Report link at the top.

At the bottom, you can change the frequency of how often the report will deliver to your contacts.

When you're ready you can Send Report and/or preview it before sending it.

We suggest sending reports once a week for Leads and once every 2 weeks for Past Clients and your Sphere.

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