You know, working with family or friends is never really a great idea. You can’t fire them once you hire them, it will make so-and-so upset/ruin the relationship. You can’t have the most real conversation with them like you can with me.

(Emphasize the emotional and privacy advantage of hiring you...)

You can tell me anything and we’ll address it. You’re not going to hurt my feelings.

There’s also a lot of financial information that gets exposed when going through this process, and most people don’t like close friends and family to know all of that personal information.

(Provide alternatives for a win-win situation...)

I have a great alternative. Let me market your property and I’ll give your [nephew, neighbor, friend… etc.] a call and tell him/her that you decided to list with me. He can still bring a buyer. When he brings a buyer, he’ll get paid the whole 3% and won’t have to be spending all the money I am on marketing your property.

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