They say… I would like your best price on what my home is worth so I can see if you’re in the ballpark as to what other agents have told me. You say…

I don’t go to a listing presentation with a CMA written on it, that’s just a number that agents give you to get you to list with them. I would never give a price until I see the inside of a property and what condition it’s in, that’s just ridiculous.

Instead, what I do is give you the 5-5-5. I take actual listings of 5 active properties, 5 sold properties, and 5 expired listings.

I have a number in my mind, but before I tell you, I want your opinion of a reasonable price to get your home sold within the least amount of time.

(Instead of giving them an estimate, show them the 5-5-5 listings to compare with)

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