Some people are lucky to sell their home on their own, and I don’t know when they sold it or what kind of market they are/were, in but let me give you the statistics.

The National Association of Realtors says that of the people who have tried to sell their home on their own, 86% of them will eventually had to list with a realtor like me.

This means only 14% of them were able to sell their homes successfully by themselves. Of that 14%, 50% of those people sold their homes to someone they already knew.

Of the remaining 7% who successfully sold their home to someone they didn’t know, they ended up selling their home for 10-12% less than what their home was worth, and if it were marketed by a professional like me.

So, if you’re paying about 6% to get your property listed and sold, you’re essentially making 4-6% on your home when listing with me.

(List the disadvantages of selling via FSBO)

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