You know, I’ve found that a lot of times the price I could sell your home for today, is often greater than what I could sell your home for in a couple of months, because of foreclosures, homes being sold for less, new homes going up or similar factors.

I also understand that you want to sell your home for a little more. When you sell your property are you potentially going to be buying something else?

Is that property going to cost a little more? So, what happens if you wait to sell your property for a little more and everybody else is selling their homes at that time for a little more? What you’re saying is that you’re willing to make a little more money on your home, just to spend a little more for a home, which doesn’t make sense.

The price that you sell your home for is not based on the value of your home but on the interest rates and what buyers can afford because of that interest rate. Wouldn't you agree that putting your home on the market now while buyers can still afford your home with today's interest rates?

(Ask about their plans and the indicate the disadvantages...)

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