'Role' refers to the role a person plays on your team in working contacts or in a Transaction (usually the title given to someone based on his/her responsibilities).

Update the Roles to meet your team's needs.

Roles can only be added from an Admin account.

To update your Roles, click upper right and select Settings. Find Roles on the cross-bar (click here for fast access) and click +ADD NEW TEAM ROLE.

Add Roles for Teammates, Collaborators, or Clients.

When you click +ADD NEW TEAM ROLE. A pop-up will open for you to name the Role. You can add just a Role name and not fill in other steps to make it available.

*If you also check the boxes to make these show by default on Transactions, choose if you want them to show on Listings or Buyer Transactions. This just saves you a few clicks from manually adding the role to every Transaction.

Default User Option

When you add or edit a Team Role, you can set a default user for the role and decide if you'd like to include that user by default on Listing or Buyer Pending transactions.

Then, when you create a new transaction, those users will be automatically added! You can also set Auto Plans to have Tasks, Text Messages, and Emails coming from Specific Roles.

If your role is one that changes, do not set a Default User. An example would be a Buyers Agent will likely change frequently, but a Team Owner always defaults to the same person.

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