By default, all people in your database are set up to receive Daily Updates for any Transaction they are associated with. The changes you make to their update frequency will take effect beginning with the next email going out given that you've made the changes before Midnight.

Let's start by navigating to the People Menu on the left hand side of the page. Click the section your person is in and select them. OR use our Quick Search bar at the top of the page to easily find who you're looking for.


To change a how often a Client or Collaborator get automatic update emails, click the Edit Details button on the person's page in the upper right hand corner.


Click on the Dropdown labeled Update Frequency under the person's Customer Details. Select how how often the person should get emails.


"Daily" will send an email every morning after midnight (only on the days you complete tasks, of course), "Weekly" will send an email around the same time, but only on Sundays. Selecting "Never" will allow your client to login to view the timeline, but prevent them from receiving the update emails.

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