Transaction Auto Plans can win your administrators and team up to 50-70% of their time back. In order to get to that point, some work on your part is required. Brivity has provided a number of pre-made auto plans to your account that you are welcome to use or adjust for your team. Or you may want to build your own plans from scratch. Here's how some teams have brainstormed to build their autoplans.

There are a few ways to brainstorm all your Auto Plan Steps. Ben Kinney’s team started with a whiteboard to think out all the steps they had for plans, and what could be added in.

The White Board Method:

White Board

Then they put their steps into a Word document with every possible contingency, and “nested” additional tasks under possible contingent items. See an example of one of their Pending Buyer Plans here.

They called it an Auto Plan Tree:


Lastly, we noticed the Don Hale Team admin using this spreadsheet to build a reference for Auto Plans. When it was complete, they decided to use it as a printed cover sheet for all their transactions as well. That way you can see all the steps on the file, but Brivity is also automating all those steps and transaction dates through their CRM.

This is the Transaction Cover Sheet they used to build an auto plan:

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