Easily send an email to a client or collaborator on a transaction informing them of status changes, important dates, or simply keep them in the loop with a quick message; Brivity makes it all easy. But don’t stop there. Also communicate with your te

1. Emailing a Client or Collaborator

Emails can be sent from the property profile or from the person profile. From either location begin by clicking the interaction icon.

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Select Email from the selection of interactions and then click Next. At the top of the modal you will see the email address of the person you are sending the email to. The email will be sent from YOU, the person logged in to Brivity. The email will not look like it is coming from Brivity, but will be masked with your information.

You can choose to write out an email from scratch by filling in the subject and body of the email. You can style the email using the editor and insert placeholders for auto fill information into the email for you. You can also use an email template to auto-fill in the subject and body of an email based on a pre written and saved email template you have created in Brivity. Email templates are a great way to save time and build emails that are consistent for clients and collaborators.

At the bottom of the email modal you can select send me a copy, to be sent an exact copy of what the recipient is receiving. When sending an email from the property profile page you can include link to timeline, which is a link attached to the email to the client portal. Click Save & Send to send the email.

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2. Reviewing a Sent Email to a Client or Collaborator

Emails sent through Brivity are logged and recorded so they can be viewed at any time. Emails are always connected to the person profile under interactions. To view an email that has already been sent select people from the left navigation bar to view the people indexes or search for the name of the person in the quick search bar at the top of Brivity. Once you are on a person page, click on interactions from the person workflow.

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3. Team Communication Through Conversations

Conversations are designed for transactions and projects and will be shared with all team members on the transaction.

*Note: Clients and collaborators DO NOT have access to conversations.

To start a conversation, navigate to the transaction of choice. From the transaction workflow select Conversations. Start a new conversation by click the “+” icon and enter the topic of the conversation and the message you would like to share. All teammates associated with the transaction will receive an email with a small preview of the message and an internal notification that the conversation has been started. Teammates will continue to receive notifications and emails for each reply on the conversation that was started.

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Messages are marked as “read” once they’ve been viewed. You can reply to a conversation either by selecting Reply to the Conversation or by typing in the dialogue box near the bottom of the message. New responses will be added to the bottom of the thread.

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