There's a field for "Published" on a transaction. It is referencing a Property page you can find in the upper-right of any Listing Transaction. Its a Property Page that we made for accounts that don't have a Brivity Platform website.


Publishing a listing will make the Property Page accessible to people on the internet. Publishing is necessary in order to use that page to market your listing; as all social media marketing will direct back to the Property Page. If it's not published, then the listing won't show as available to post in the Marketing area of your Brivity account.

Don't worry if you've unknowingly left a property page on the Published setting before. The page isn't out there marketing itself if you're not using it.

In you have a Brivity Platform website, we'd suggest you use the property pages that are on it instead. In the future, we plan to have the website property page link to the CRM for marketing purposes.

Here's an example of what a property page created by the CRM looks like:

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