Transactions on the left of your account are grouped by their Status.


Drafts can only be seen by Team Members and Viewers who have been associated with that listing. Think of drafts as you would draft emails, they're not filled out all of the way and not ready to share. If your listing is a Draft it will appear in Drafts as well as within its applicable Status.

Coming Soon - the listing is not yet active in your MLS.

Active - the listing is active in your MLS, with no pending offers on it yet.

Pending - a property with a pending offer (either listing or buyer pending).

Sold - the offer on a property has gone through and it is now sold.

Expired - the listing agreement has expired and the listing is no longer on the market.

Withdrawn - temporarily withdrawn from the MLS (maybe a working listing that's withdrawn).

Canceled - permanently withdrawn from the MLS

Archived - A listing or buyer pending contract fell through

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