By default, the Account Owner and all Administrators on the account have access to every transaction in Brivity. Agents, on the other hand, only have access to transactions they add, or that they are added to as part of the team (adding an agent to a

Select the listing. In the listing, select the Edit Details button.

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Towards the top of the edit details page you will see the Primary Agent on the listing and the option to Add Teammate.


After selecting Add Teammate, a window will pop up allowing you to select the user you would like to add to the transaction. Select the teammate from the drop down menu and then select Save. They are now added to the transaction and have full access to the timeline.


If you would like to Remove a User from a listing, you can do so by selecting the X next to them in the Edit Team section of the Transaction details page.


To Add or Edit Viewers on a transaction, select either Add Client or Add Collaborator to add or select the X next to the name of the Client or Collaborator to remove.


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