Tasks are a great way to keep your team and yourself accountable, allowing you to see what is assigned to who, what has been completed, as well as any overdue tasks. Use tasks to ensures nothing falls through the cracks!

The Power of Tasks and Next Task Due

Managing Tasks

To view a list of all tasks Due Today click on Tasks in the left sidebar and select Due Today. From the Due Today page you can view all tasks assigned for that day for all transactions and people.

*Note: As an Administrator or Account Owner you have the ability to view all tasks assigned to you as well as the ability to“Filter” to see all tasks or specific team members tasks. An Agent will only see tasks assigned to them.

View instructions for a task by clicking on the title of the task. A pop-up will open allowing you to see all task instructions. Any links in the instruction will be active and clickable.

To mark a task as complete, check the yellow box. Once you have checked the box the task will show move to the Completed task page as well as show in the timeline of that specified transaction and included in the email update. Note: All completed tasks will be included in your email updates unless marked as hidden.

Manage tasks in a contact record

Find the Tasks section of contact records to manage tasks as you work your database.


Edit Multiple Tasks in Mass

Select the tasks you'd like to edit. You may select:

  1. Individual tasks by clicking the check-boxes to the right of each task

  2. All records on the current page by clicking the checkbox above the list

Once you have selected the tasks you would like to edit, you can either Complete, Delete, Reschedule, or Reassign the designated tasks.

Edit a Task For A Specific Property

To edit a specific task on the property you can click the “Edit” pencil icon. This gives you the ability to edit task details, instructions, assigned to, due date, frequency, and contingency.

To create a new task for a transaction click the “Create New Task” from the Transaction Profile Page and create a task to be added to the transaction.

*Note: Adding a task to a transaction will only create the task for that specified transaction; the task will not be included on the Action Plan under Settings for all properties.

View Upcoming & Completed Tasks for a Specific Transaction

From the specified transaction, click on the Tasks tab next to Timeline. This will allow you to view all upcoming and completed tasks. All team members on the transaction will have the ability to see all tasks including tasks assigned to other team members.

*Note: Clients will only see tasks that are listed as Completed and not marked as hidden.

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