Tasks and timeline are an integral part of Brivity and a way for you to see what is assigned each day, what has been completed by you and team members, and to help keep your clients in the loop along the way.

1. Apply a Plan

From the transaction of your choice, choose “Apply a Plan” in the top right corner. A modal will open allowing you to select any Property Plan and Advertising Plan that is saved in Brivity. You can choose to apply just a Property Plan at this time, or you can choose to also include the advertising plan. Select “Finish."

Your selected action plan will now be applied to the transaction, and all tasks will auto-populate with dates as set up when the action plan was created.

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2. View Tasks from the Due Today Page

To view a list of all tasks Due Today click on “Tasks” in the Left Navigation Bar and select “Due Today." You can also get to the Due Today task list by selecting “Brivity” in the top left corner.

From the Due Today tasks page you can view all tasks assigned for that day for any transaction or person.

As an Administrator or Account Owner you will have the ability to view all tasks assigned or to “Filter” your tasks in the top right corner and view only tasks assigned to a specific person or assigned to “Anyone.” An Agent will only see tasks assigned specifically to their name from this page.

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Tasks are viewed by the following fields:

  • Details: Title of the task.

  • Date Due: When the task needs to be completed by.

  • Who: The team member responsible for completing the task.

  • Task For: The address or contact name the task needs to be completed for.

  • Settings: Indicates if the task contains a recurring status, visible to viewers, contains a note, and has instructions.

  • Edit: Allows you to change instructions, add a note, change visibility, reassign the task, create a contingent task or stop recurrence; this does not change the task on the action plan for all future transactions.

Complete tasks by checking the yellow box to the far left of the task. This will mark the task as completed, document the task under “Completed Tasks," mark the task on the timeline for the transaction, and include the completed task in the email updates to viewers.

View instructions for the task by clicking on the “Details” or title of the task. A modal will open allowing you to see all instructions included for the task. If a link was included in the set up of the task it will now be active and clickable to direct you to the website of your choice creating a shortcut.

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Tasks can be “Mass Selected” to the far right of each task in a grey check box. Mass Selections allow you to:

  • Complete several tasks at one time.

  • Delete several tasks at one time that not longer need to be completed.

  • Reschedule tasks for a different due date.

  • Reassign tasks to a team member for completion.

You can view the transaction profile page by clicking the address under the category of “Task For."

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3. Timeline Purpose

Navigate to a transaction by searching the address in the ”Quick Search Bar” at the top of Brivity, click the address from the “Task For” category on the "Due Today" task page, or from the left navigation bar, select “Transactions," view the dashboard for the status of the property you would like to find, and click the address displayed.

From the transaction workflow navigation you will be brought to the “Timeline Tab.” The timeline is a list of all activities that have be completed for the transaction—such as tasks, photos uploaded, advertisers linked, social media posts, documents uploaded, showing feedback etc. This list is a great resource to show your clients (buyers and sellers) how hard you work for the commission you charge. The list will auto update every time something is completed by a team member for the transaction.

*Note: As a team member you can view all timeline items. Viewers granted login access will see all transaction items except for tasks that are hidden from viewers.

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A modal will pop up, name the role and include a description of what type of role you are creating if you want. Save your work to close the modal.


3. Access and update action plans

Select the action plans tab from the context bar to access and edit action plans in Brivity.

Action Plan Types

  • Property Action Plans — Transaction plans for listings and pendings.

  • People Action Plans — Leads, clients, sphere follow up.

  • Project Action Plans — Newsletters, new hires, client appreciation parties, etc.

  • Advertising Action Plans — Links to national portals that will display active listings, these plans can be edited to include websites syndicated with your MLS.

We have started you off with several preloaded action plans in Brivity. To view these action plans and tasks, click the drop down arrow to the right of each plan title. Under each plan, you will see a series of tasks that can be edited to the far right with the edit pencil, can be deleted to the far right with the X icon, or can be duplicated to the far right with the double paper icon.

To create a new plan from scratch, click the Create Action Plan button for the type of plan you want to create.


4. View Upcoming and Completed Tasks

Click on the “Tasks” tab next to timeline to view all upcoming and completed tasks for a specific transaction. All team members on the transaction will have the ability to see all tasks including tasks assigned to other team members. Clients will only see tasks that are listed as completed and made visible to viewers.

*Note: Clients and collaborators “granted access” to Brivity will only see completed activities that are shared with a viewer. They will never see upcoming tasks. If a task becomes overdue and is then completed, the viewer will only see that the task was completed, not that it was completed at a date later than originally assigned.

5. Edit a Task for a Specific Property

To edit a specific task on the property you can click the blue “Edit” pencil icon to change the task details, instructions, assigned to, due date, frequency, and contingency.

To create a new task for a transaction, click the “Create New Task” from the transaction profile page and create a task to be added to the transaction.

*Note: Adding a task to a transaction will only create the task for that transaction; the task will not be included on the action plan under settings for all properties.

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