You may never know who is is sneaking around your website if you don't know where to look! Here's how to find your active viewers.

Your Brivity CRM holds secrets you can unlock in seconds. For example, of the leads that came in yesterday, how many properties did they view? Who was on my website last week? Who was actively searching on my site a month ago?

There is likely a lot more activity than you think!

Let's start with basics.

When a new lead comes in, they will show up at the top of your Leads Index.


If you receive an inquiry via a key website indicator, we add those to your Dashboard. These would be every inbound showing request, home valuation, start offer inquiry, and ask a question inquiry.


But who has been on my website recently?

To see a list of people that have been on your website recently, go to your All People list.

Look through across the top for the column Last Website Visit. Click the Column header to bring recent visits to the top. Or you can Filter by Last Website Visit.

Website Visits-1

Website Visits-2

You can do these steps in the Leads list, or any list of contacts. For example, if you want to see if any Past Clients are searching on your website, you could filter by Past Client and the website filter. Occasionally you may have friends or family who are not active leads looking at your website, so doing a quick All People search will give you a broader view.

See what properties were viewed

You can easily click to see what they viewed or favorited. It's a great way to call and start a conversation when you know what they've been viewing and favoriting!

Prop views

See properties views from inside their contact record

Contact record views

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