Brivity has introduced new ways to qualify your incoming leads, and eventually help predict leads that are more or less likely to buy or sell now. The "Lead DNA" project began with tracking more data in the contact's property views, and now includes qualification questions when people register for an account on your Brivity home search website.

Here's how Lead DNA Qualification Questions work:

When a lead registers on your website, they will now be prompted to answer qualifying questions like when they plan to buy or sell a home, if they are pre-qualified with a lender, and if they would like to schedule a consultation or see their home value.

These answers show up in the lead's timeline, and what they say will update the lead's intent in your CRM.

Watch Lead DNA Qualification Questions in Action!

New Release

The contact's answers will email to the agent assigned to the contact, and the answers will show in the contact record Timeline in Brivity.


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