You can track activity and views on your website by adding a Google Analytic code to your Brivity website (also called Global Site Tag).

Step 1: Go to to setup an account. (You will need to have a Google analytics account or create one now.)

Step 2: Click on Admin in the lower left corner.

Step 1

Step 3: Click 1 on Data Streams then open the tab for click 2 on www. You should see the website you registered to create your Google Analytics account already. Click 3 to open that website analytic code.


Step 4: Here are the 3 pieces of data you need from the Data Streams page. They are labeled in orange for their titles where you will copy/paste them to the website builder tool (next step).


Find and click on the Global Site Tag, and copy its code.

Global Site Tag

Step 5: Open the site builder and click the pencil icon to Edit Site.

Edit (4)

Step 6: Select ANALYTICS from the left sidebar.

Copy/paste the Measurement ID to the Google Label ID

Copy/paste the Stream ID to the Google Conversion ID

Copy/paste the Global Site Tag to the Google Analytics Tracking Code

In the builder

Step 8: Save your changes in the upper right and and click Publish All.

Save Pub

Learn more about Google Analytics here.

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