Make it easy to allow leads to register with a single using Social Registration! To get started, log in to your Facebook account.


1. Go to Meta for Developers

Navigate to Meta for Developers, then in the upper right, click 'My Apps'. Follow through with the prompts and verify your Facebook account.

Step 2 screenshot

2. Click on 'Create App'

To create your new Facebook login integration, start by clicking on the 'Create App' button.

Step 3 screenshot

3. Select 'Business'

When asked to select an app type, choose 'Business', then click 'Next'.

Step 4 screenshot

4. Provide Basic Information

Fill in the fields with the appropriate information, and click 'Create App'.

Step 5 screenshot

5. Click on 'Facebook Login'

When asked to 'Add products to your app', select 'Facebook Login' and click 'Set up'.

Step 6 screenshot

6. Click on 'WWW'

In this case, we want our Facebook Login platform to be 'Web'.

Step 7 screenshot

7. Enter Your Web Address

Input your 'Site URL' (i.e. and be sure to use the https:// in the URL. Click 'Save', then 'Continue'.

Step 8 screenshot

You do not need to fill out steps 2-4 as we have done it for you already. Skip to the next step.

8 Click on 'Basic' Settings

Navigate to the left menu items and click 'Settings', then 'Basic'.

Step 9 screenshot

9. Fill in App Details

This is where Facebook asks some of the same questions again, and a few new ones. It will look like the below, and you must fill out all the fields similarly to the way we filled out the below example.

Step 10 screenshot
  • Display Name: This Display Name will appear when someone clicks to sign up.

  • App Domain: This is your website address, including the https://.

  • Privacy Policy URL: Facebook needs a privacy policy to continue. Your Brivity website privacy policy can be found by just adding /privacy_policy to the end of your site URL.

  • Data Deletion URL (If you see this field, it is required): Use the /connect or /contact page from your Brivity website. (this field is not required for all accounts)

  • Contact Email: Your business email address.

  • Category: Choose Business and Pages.

  • App icon (or photo) for your app. It appears with the Display Name when someone clicks to sign up. Whatever you load here has to be a perfectly square image.

  • App Purpose: If you are creating this for your own use, choose 'Yourself or your own business'. If you are setting this up for a marketing company to manage on your behalf, select 'Clients'.

10. Click on 'Save Changes'

Step 11 screenshot

11. Copy the 'App ID'

Near the top left of the page, you'll see an 'App ID'. Clicking on it will copy the ID to your clipboard to use in Step 16.

Step 12 screenshot

12. Login to your Brivity Website Builder

Only the Account Owner has access to the web builder.

13. Click on 'Edit Site'

Step 14 screenshot

14. Click on 'Integrations'

On the left-side navigation menu, click 'Integrations'.

Step 15 screenshot

15. Click on 'Facebook'

Click the gear icon to open the Facebook integration setup.

Step 16 screenshot

16. Paste Your Facebook App ID

Paste the Facebook 'App ID' that we copied in Step 11, and click 'Save'.

Step 17 screenshot

17. Enable the Integration

Be sure the integration is marked as Enabled when you are done.

Step 18 screenshot
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