Create landing pages or niche marketing pages to target segments of your market and generate new leads when you create additional website pages.


To edit your website, you can login from the bottom left corner of your website or use this link- Brivity Website Builder. Only the owner account has a login to the website builder.

Step 1: Click Edit Site to open the website builder.

dit Site

Step 2: Select the Add Page button at the top of the page and name the page.


Or, if you're editing an existing page:

Find the page you want to edit in the list.

Select the Gear on the right of the page and click Edit Page.


Step 3: Using Blocks tab on the left, you can begin pulling in blocks to create the layout you prefer.

We suggest starting with the Headers and Footers, then fill in the center blocks.

Blocks will drag and drop into place. Move slowly and steadily. If you don't see a block fall into place, it did not "catch" the center drop point. Do it again. Blocks that don't "land" will not show up at a later time. It simply did not make it.

Add a Header-1

Step 4: With the radio button on Content, select the words you'd like to edit, then make your updates. Hit Update Content when you're done.


Step 5: With the radio button on Details, add images to your page. Just select the image you want to change out and click Background Image.

*if you do not see Details, do a hard refresh or contact support.


Step 6: With the radio button on Details, you can change colors of blocks on your page. Just select the area where you'd like the color changed, and then click Background Color.

Block color-1

Step 7: When you're done, Save or Save and Publish.

Save and Publish


When you make an Error:

If you make a mistake, you can easily reset your block or remove the entire block.

Reset the block back to before you began edits.

With the radio button on Blocks, select the block. Then select the Reverse icon in the upper right.

Reverse Block

Delete the block

With the radio button on Blocks, click on the block. Then select the Trash icon in the upper right. When you're done, you can add another block by reviewing Step 3 above.

Trash Block

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