The images on your website help to instill comfort and confidence to your site visitors. They also keep people interested in clicking through your website pages.

Web images

Great stock images can be found all around the internet. If you need help finding great images, our team can help as well. Just reach out and let us know what you're looking for! Here's a helpful guide on image sizes.

Changing website images:

To complete these steps, you'll need to be logged in to your Brivity Website Builder. Only the Owner Brivity account has an access.

Step 1: Click Edit Site to open the website builder.

dit Site

Step 2: Find the page you want to edit in the list, or create a page.

Select the Gear on the right of the page and click Edit Page.


Step 3: With the radio button on Details, add images to your page. Just select the image you want to change out and click Background Image.

*if you do not see Details, do a hard refresh or contact support.


Step 4: When you're done, Save or Save and Publish.

Save and Publish

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