*Before you get started, the video you want to use needs to be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube.

Step 1: Brivity Website Builder Login

Log into the Brivity Website Builder here.

Step 2: Edit Site

Click on the 'Edit Site' pencil icon.


Step 3: Edit or Create Page

Find the page you want to edit in the page list, or create a page. Select the 'Gear' on the right of the page and click 'Edit Page'.

Update link once added to D360


Step 4: Open Blocks Menu

You will come to this screen where you can add your video content. Click on the 'Blocks' icon.


Step 5: Open the Video Block

Choose 'Video' from the list.


Step 6: Video Block Options

The video option you want to use can be now be added by dragging the preferred style onto the page.


Click the 'Block' icon to close the 'BLOCKS' window.

Step 7: Video Description

Change the 'EDIT' setting at the top of your builder to 'Content' to change the video content. Hover over the content to highlight that section, then click into it to edit. Click 'Update Content' to save your changes.


Step 8: Video Settings

Change the 'EDIT' setting at the top of your builder to 'Details'. Click on the existing video placeholder, then in the 'Detail Editor' that pops out click the 'VIDEO SETTINGS' icon.


Step 9: Video ID

Add the Vimeo or YouTube Video ID, then click the 'Save' checkmark icon. The video will show in preview when complete.


Step 10: Save Changes

Click 'Save' to save the updates and changes you've made to your page.


Step 11: Publish

Click 'Publish' to complete.


When publishing your site, always select 'Advance options' and check all boxes before you click 'Publish Now'.

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