Listings from your Multiple Listing Service will automatically populate to your site when they syndicate to the internet from your MLS. You can also add a section to your website for Coming Soon Listings, Pocket Listings, Exclusive Listings, or even showcase a section of Sold Listings or Pending Listings.

*Manually added listings will only be accessible on a single Exclusive Listings Block on your home page, and will not show your Search page if they are not active in your MLS.

Step 1: Login to your website builder:

Step 2: From the home screen, select Listings.

Listings (1)

Step 3: Select Exclusive Listings

Exclusive (1)

Step 4: Click Add Listing

Add Listing

Step 5: Add Property Details, upload Pictures, add a Status, then Save.

Add Details

Step 6: Find the newly added property. Flip the switch to Show on Site.

Show on Site

To show your Exclusive Listings on your site:

Step 6: Go into the site editor and EDIT page you want the Exclusive listings block to show

edit page

Step 7: Select the Exclusive Properties block from the templates and drag & drop onto the page

exclusive properties block

Step 8: Add a title block e.g. "Sold Listings", "Exclusive Listings"

Select the CENTERED TITLE block from the BASIC CONTENT templates. Drag & drop above your exclusive properties block

basic content title

Step 9: Use the CONTENT editor to edit the text

When complete, the block should look like this:


Step 10: Save and Publish!

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