If you have a document that you'd like to share on your website, you can make a button that will click to open and share that document.

Step 1: Convert your PDF or document into a URL. There are many ways to do this via Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or in the design of a PDF. Here's an article for more info on each of these options.

Step 2: In your Brivity Website Builder, click Edit Site on the left.

Edit Site-1

Step 3: Click the page icon on the left of your screen and select the desired page.

Click Page Icon (2)

Step 4: Click to navigate to the Block Library on the left of your account.

Block Library (2)

Step 5: Select a block with a button, then drag and drop it to the desired place on the page.

Drag n drop block (2)

Step 6: To edit the words on the button, change the EDIT setting at the top of your Builder to Content.

Select Content (1)

Step 7: Now you can edit/add any words on the page including on the button.

Edit Text (1)

Step 8: To edit the button to link to your document, change the EDIT setting at the top of your builder to Details.

Edit Details (2)

Step 9: Click the button to see a menu pop open from the left and select Link

Edit Link (1)

Step 10: Paste the link to your document and click the check box.

*If you're leading someone away from your site, you should click the setting to Open in a New Window.

Add link (1)

Step 11: Save and Publish your website!

Save Publish (3)

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