You can set the logo that shows on the top of your website using these instructions. Download your logo to a .png or .jpg file on your hard drive prior to completing the process below.

1. Start by logging into:

2. Click on the pencil Icon


to Edit Site

Untitled presentation (5)-1

3. Click on Theme Settings

Untitled presentation (6)-1

4. Click on the Logo tab

Untitled presentation

5. Under HEADER LOGO. drag in or insert your .png file (we found .png works best)

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 2.13.23 PM

6. Click Upload Image, then Save Theme Settings

7. Click Publish All

8. When you see this pop up, choose Advanced options

Untitled presentation (8)

9. Click the Asset box to choose all options

10. When all boxes are checked, click Publish Now

11. You are done! Your Favicon will now show on any Brivity Website Visitors web browser tab!

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