You have one easy link to share with people to post reviews on all your review sites, find you on all your social links, and any other hot links you like to share.

You have one simple link to share when you want to drive people to your hot links, but first you need to add them all to the back end of your Website Builder. Only the Account owner has access to the builder, so if you are an agent on a team, an admin on the team might set this up for you.

This tutorial shows you to build pages like this for each agent on your team:

links result

Step 1: To get started, you'll want to be logged into your website (only the account owner has a login). You can login from your website by finding the tiny "Admin Login" at the bottom of your Brivity Website (or click here for direct login).

Login to IDX

Step 2: Once you're in your builder, find and select Roster at the top.


Step 3: Choose an agent on your team and hit Edit under their photo.

Edit Profile

Step 4: Find the Links tab on the right. Add all the links you want! There's a section for Social links, Review Links, and Any other kind of links.

Links Tab

Step 5: Hit Save in the upper right when you're done.

Step 6: Find the links page to share! Open your website using your agent subdomain and add /links to the end of the URL. Here's an example and how the links page should look in the end:

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