Create a forced registration page or lead capture page for any listing on your Brivity website or for any searched group of listings. Convert leads faster and easier than ever.


*Note: Agents should use their subdomain along with /share. By combining the agent's subdomain and the /share feature, any leads acquired while advertising will assign to the correct agent in Brivity CRM. Otherwise, they will distribute through team lead routing rules.


Step 1: Find a listing on your Brivity Website or use the Search page to find a set of listings (*Note: if you're doing it for a set of listings, make sure to start on the "Search" page rather than the search bar on your site's home page).

Step 2: Move up to site the URL. At the end of the url, add /share and hit enter.


Step 3: A pop-up will appear. Fill out the details for:

  • where you will advertise the link

  • the information asked on the forced registration page

  • add an optional headline, i.e. "Price Reduced $10k!"

  • add tags to easily filter new leads in CRM

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Step 4: Copy the link offered at the bottom when you're ready.

Step 5: Use that link to advertise!

It's always a good idea to test things! Take a look at what your new lead capture page will look like by opening a new browser tab and test the link.


What's the best part? If you run an ad on a searched group of listings this way, the link will always be active for that list of homes. For example, if you search on your website for homes under $300,000, then use /share on that group of listings, then you can run an ad with the created link- and keep that ad running indefinitely. The ad will always link to homes under $300,000 in your selected area!

Pro Tip: Use a Tag at the end of the /share form to identify the target group in your CRM, and an Auto Plan can trigger based on that tag!

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