Create different forced registration pages to share your listings online using Brivity's /share shortcut. While making your /share link, choose the form you want to use when creating your link with /share.

Here's how to create a forced registration page using /share.

Reg Forms

What do each of the forms look like?


Social Registration Form

The Social Registration form allows a site visitor to register using 1-click via Facebook or allow them to register using their email address.

*This registration option requires that you set up your Facebook account allow 1-click social registration. Here's an article on how to set up 1-click Social Registration. (We suggest this be done by the owner of your Brivity account.)



Light Registration Form

Light registration only asks for name, email, and phone number. Quick and painless and gives them a chance to register with the minimum amount of information.



Combined Registration Form

Combined registration brings together social and light registration and makes each option clearly available, while giving slight favor to the light registration option as it places it higher on the page.



Full Registration Form

Full registration includes the simple fields from light registration (name, email, and phone number) but also adds some additional qualifying questions.

  • Are you a first time home buyer?

  • Price Range

  • When do you plan to buy?

This may result in fewer registrations (based on the fact there are more fields) but the registrations you do get will generally be more serious inquiries.

Full Reg


Sold Registration Form

A Sold Registration Form allows you to brag about a home that is currently pending/ active contingent/ under contract or that you recently sold.

This registration page allows the registrant to include their own home address to get a quick home valuation- Sending you a potential seller lead for your Brivity CRM!

Sold Reg

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