How it works: People can text your keyword to 59559. Kwkly will find the GPS location of the person texting and send instant link for all the listings around them for sale.

You'll get the phone number of a hot lead on location!


Reporting Section

The first page of your Kwkly account shows your Kwkly reporting Dashboard.You'll see reports on Kwkly leads, who claimed the leads, and more here upon every login. Admins will also get weekly email updates for Kwkly activity.

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Current Listing Section

Kwkly taps into your MLS data to send live information when people inquire about properties on the market. You can search the address of any property on the market here to see what a consumer would get if they inquire about a home.

You can also edit the Kwkly message for listings to add Open House, Price Reduced, or other messages.



Pre-market New Listings (not in MLS)

Kwkly has the info for all listings in your MLS, so you don't need to add new listings if you've added them to MLS. However, if you want to pre-market a listing before adding it to your MLS, add those to New Listings!

Then put Kwkly sign in the yard.

Bam! Just like that- the property will be marketing itself!

New Listing


Manage Account Section

Here you can change your password, update your office number shown on listing inquiries, or change settings for Lead Distribution.

There's several options for changing up who gets lead distribution. It's based on rules you set for inquiries on your listings, or team members listings, or a competitors listings, or if a curious competing agent is just testing the service.



Roster Section

In the Roster section of your Kwkly account you can add agents on your team who list properties. Agent name, phone, and their MLS ID are required to add agents.



Lead Distribution Section

Add buyer agents to the Kwkly Lead Distribution section to automate distribution of leads. See distribution settings options below.

On many teams, agents are added to both the Roster and Lead Distribution tabs. If your agents do listings and sales, add them to both!

If you have Brivity CRM, leads from Kwkly will auto-assign to the correct agent in Brivity.


Distribution Options

After adding buyer agents to Distribution, there are two options that can be set for sending leads to those agents.

Shark Tank- Blast leads out to 'x' agents at once (like a shotgun blast) with 0 seconds delay. This will send a lead alert to several agents at once. The winning agent will have to text Y to claim the lead & receive the lead's phone number.

Round Robin- Send a lead to 1 agent at a time with a delay of 'y' seconds. If a lead is not claimed in the allotted time, the lead will alert the next agent after 'y' seconds. If a lead is not claimed in the allotted time, an alert be offered to the next agent.

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