When you signed up for your Brivity Platform account, you may have received a KWKLY Keyword (depending on your package).

What is the best way to market your KWKLY keyword?

We suggest using 18"x24" signs that stand alone next to your listing For Sale signs!

Why a Separate Sign?

If you install your KWKLY sign separately from your main For Sale sign (as opposed to a sign rider), it helps it stand out and gives people a reason to focus their attention on it. We've found that teams who use this styling of KWKLY signage get far more Buyer leads generated than if a traditional sign rider was used.

Where can I get signs made?

You can easily create KWKLY signs in Brivity Marketer.

1. Select 'KWKLY Sign'

From the main page of Brivity Marketer, scroll down to the section called 'Marketing Materials' and select 'KWKLY Sign'. This will open up our Agent Store where you can customize your sign.

Step 2 screenshot

2. Select Your Quantity and Customize Your Design

Choose the quantity of signs you want to order, then click 'Customize the design' to open the design editor.

Step 5 screenshot

3. Customize Your Design

Choose from a selection of pre-designed templates, then use the editor to customize the text, graphics and logos.

Step 6 screenshot

3. Click on 'NEXT'

When you're happy with the design, click 'Next'

Step 2 screenshot

3. Preview and Approve Your Design

You'll get one last chance to preview and approve the final design of your sign. When ready, click 'Approve'

Step 3 screenshot

4. Click on 'Add to cart'

When you're ready to proceed to purchase your signs, click on 'Add to cart'

Step 4 screenshot

5. Finalize Your Purchase

Follow the prompts to finalize your sign purchase, and have your new KWKLY signs delivered directly to your office!

Step 5 screenshot

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