*Admin Access only section of Kwkly. In Manage Account, you can change your password here, update your office number shown on listing inquiries, or change settings for lead routing.

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There's several options for routing leads. It can be based on rules you set for different types of inquiries on area listings.

Here's how to use the Manage Account section for distributing the different types of Leads. Below is a break-down of each section to review.

Types of Inquiries

Type 1. Leads on your listings should go to your agents via...

Listings (1)-2

You can route incoming leads for your listings or teammate's listings.

Option 1: TEXT the lead

  • To an individual's Cell Phone number. (ideal for solo agent)

  • The cell phone number of the Listing Agent in MLS. (ideal for teams)

Option 2: Email the lead to up to two email addresses

Option 3: Text and email the lead to

  • one phone number AND

  • up to two email addresses

Option 4: Send it thru distribution settings in the Lead Distribution tab using

  • SharkTank OR

  • Round Robin

All of the other settings have similar options.


Type 2: Leads on competitor listings should go to...

Brivity will send your team all the inquiries made on properties even if they aren't with your team or your company's listings. Use the same Options above except you won't the option to send to a competing listings agent's phone.

(if buyer is not branded to an agent) - find out what that means here.



Type 3: Leads generated when a buyer types an incorrect address should go to...

People type incorrect info, or maybe their phone will auto-correct their message before sending it.

If you are worried about your team's listings distributing to the wrong agents because of a typo, then you can send these leads to someone like an admin to find out what address the person was inquiring about.



Type 4: Where would you like the expired leads to be sent...

You can set a timer on leads to make them "expire" if your agents don't claim them.

Just to the left of this area, you should see a Timer area where you can have leads time-out or "expire" then go somewhere else. Many teams choose to send those back to their Lead Distribution to remind agents there is still a lead waiting.



Type 5: Leads when a competing agent uses the service...

Kwkly knows all the cel phone numbers of agents in your MLS and can tell when a competing agent is trying out the Kwkly system! Not only that - Kwkly will stone-wall them. Meaning, Kwkly won't send any information on properties.

You can send these as a heads-up to someone on your team. Ben Kinney has these go to his Recruiting Coordinator for his real estate teams!


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