Open House Script

"Thanks for visiting our open house today. Instead of giving you a flyer when you walk out the door, we would like to offer you an easy to use text tool that allows you to get the price, photos and general details about ANY property you see for sale by simply texting the address of the property or clicking a link to see listings nearest to you. Is this something you would be interested in?

If they say 'yes', you ask for their cell phone number and you simply send a text to 59559 where the body of the text is the consumer's 10-digit cell phone number.

Then, they receive a prompt letting them know that you have sent them an instant house hunting text tool.

Then you show them how to use it by responding to the prompt and having them send in the address of the property you are standing in.

Let me show you how to use it. Simply reply with the address of the property we are standing in, so text ‘123 main st’" (or whatever the address is of the home you are standing in).

Once they get the information back about that listing, you would say...

Now, when you leave here, any time you come across a listing, you don’t have to call the number on the sign, or stop and get out of your car to grab a flyer, simply use this same text thread and send in the address of that property, our I’ll immediately send you back the price, photos and general info about that next property.

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