As a busy agent, you need Brivity to alert you when something important happens! To be sure you're getting notified, make sure push notifications are enabled for Brivity GO in your phone settings.

Push Notifications will include:

  • Text messages from contacts (so you can click to respond)

  • New Lead Notifications

  • Contact Reassignments

Here's how Push Notifications will show on your phone


Set Up iPhone Push Notifications

Pull up your Settings. Click on Notifications.

Notifications iphone

Find Brivity GO in your Apps and select it.

Iphone Brivity go

Flip the green switch to turn on notifications.

Iphone Brivity go allow push notifications

Set Up Android Push Notifications

Access your Settings from your apps screen. (Some phones might also have a settings gear when you pull down your top menu.)

Settings gear

Click on Apps.

apps in settings

Find and click Brivity GO from the list of your apps.

Find Notifications and make sure it says Allowed.

App notifications

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