Brivity GO is the ultimate lead-follow-up tool for busy agents on the go. In it you can see lead activity on your website and follow up with them about the properties they are viewing.

It also has awesome push notification settings. You can get push notifications for many different kinds of lead activities or shut off some that you find noisy.

Step 1: To get started, click on the (+) sign at the bottom of the app.

Step 2: Select the Settings wheel ⚙️.

Step 3: Toggle the notifications you want to turn on and which you'd like to turn off.

Some notifications may be grayed and you may be unable to toggle those. These area coming-soon notifications. Be on the lookout for those to come available!

Confirm your Phone allows notifications in your Settings

In order for these to work, you also may want to make sure notifications are turned on in your phone within your Phone settings.

In iPhone Settings

Step 1: Open your iPhone settings

Step 2: Find and open Brivity GO in your phone Settings

Step 3: Open Notifications

(by the way - be sure Background App Refresh is on)

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