Tips for Creating Great Facebook Ads:

  1. Pictures speak 1,000 words- Use attention-grabbing visuals or high-quality images. As far along as our phones have come in taking images, many will still say that phone pictures just don't cut it against professional images. However you decide to take images of your listings, quality stands out and reflects on your ad and your business.

  2. Carousel Photo Ads vs Single-Photo Ads- Carousel ads are often more appealing than single photo ads (of course this depends on the ad, but generally speaking for real estate ads). This doesn't mean that single photo ads don't generate leads, but a lot of people like to peak at a little more before clicking through. Plus- if someone scrolls the photos of a carousel ad, even if they don't click through, that can tell Facebook that they might have interest in real estate ads to begin to show them more or show them the same ad again later.

  3. Sell the Lifestyle, Not the House- What are the benefits of owning this property? Describing the data about the house is not great marketing or ad copy. Instead of "3 bed 2 bath home with 1435 sq feet" try to sell the home with your heart instead of your head. A statement like, "This stunningly remodeled East Redding property is just what you have been waiting for! Sited on almost 1/2 an acre lot with plenty of parking for your boats, RVs and toys..."

  4. Avoid too much text- If your ads are text-heavy or boring, people will just skip past them without even looking once.

  5. Add a Clear and Relevant CTA (Call-to-Action)- If you build ads in Brivity Marketer, it has purposely given a few and clear calls-to-action for each ad as part of our experience in and conversions.

  6. Create and Optimize Your Landing Pages- Brivity Marketer does this for you automatically with beautiful landing pages for each of your property ads.

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