Every market is different, and at Brivity, we understand you need custom dates for events to trigger events for contacts, transactions, and projects.

Click on your name in the upper right and drop to Settings. Find Dates in the Crossbar.


Add New Custom Dates to Your Brivity Account

Step 1: To add a new date, click on the button for New Custom Date in the upper right.

New Custom Date

Step 2: Add the name of the date field and what type of date it should be.


*The best part Is, as soon as you add a Custom Date and time, the system will immediately create a Placeholder Field for emails and texts to auto-fill that date and time.

Person Dates

Person Dates will show only in contact records and work for your People Auto Plans, and tasks can be made contingent upon those dates.

They do not show in on the Brivity calendar yet.

More updates are coming to this feature soon.


Transaction Dates

Custom Dates now show in each Transaction‚Äč, on the Brivity calendar, can be used with Transaction Auto Plans, and tasks can be set contingent upon them for Action Plans and Auto Plans. You can choose if viewers on a transaction will see each date in their client portal. And you can even elect to include a "time" field for use in things like texts or email templates!

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  • When the eye is teal and open, this date is visible to viewers of a transaction.

  • When the eye is gray and closed, this date is not visible to viewers of a transaction.


Project Dates

Project Dates appear in each Project record.

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